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Our story

Our story

We are Foodhak - a game-changing startup leading the food revolution by combining scientific research along with the latest tech and traditional Ayurvedic principles. Founded in London in 2021 by entrepreneur Sakshi Chhabra.

Originally from Delhi, Sakshi was living in London when she was diagnosed with a rare liver disease during her first pregnancy. Refusing medication, Sakshi switched to a plant-based diet focusing on traditional Ayurvedic dishes from India, such as Kitchari and Rasam. This not only reversed her illness, but Sakshi found that she had more energy than ever before.

It was this that gave her the idea for Food Hak, offering yummy food as medicine in a way that is easily accessible for everyone.

Our Mission

Welcome to the food revolution! We envision a world where people will lead healthier and longer lives through accessibility and availability of good food.

Food should make us feel our very best, give us energy and prolong lifespan. What we eat regularly has the power to act as preventative medicine, but often just deciding what to eat can be confusing, which is why we have made it simple for you.

Our freshly prepared ready to eat meals are anti-inflammatory, clinically backed, plant-based and gluten free. All delivered conveniently to your doorstep.

What makes us different

We use the latest technology (machine learning) to read thousands of scientific research papers, helping us understand which foods are most beneficial for long term health.

Our team of Chefs then use this information to do clever ingredient swaps to create our menu, so we can continue to enjoy our favourite dishes in the knowledge that they are beneficial for our health.

We are a team of hard-core foodies so it goes without saying that our meals have to taste delicious to make it onto the menu!

The food was incredible, so authentic, so tasty, so nice to be cooked for. The Rasam was incredible for digestion.
T. Disks
Absolutely loved the 4-day detox plan. I’m down 1.5Kg, feel stronger, and healthier. Love the Brownies esp, probably the world’s cleanest brownies!
S. Rao
I am so grateful to be able to access such wonderful healthy food. Having recently started an Ayurvedic diet I felt restricted and intimidated by the changes necessary but your food has been a God send.
B. Ayling
Thank you for the great delivery I have just received. It all looks amazing and I am loving the long dates so I don't feel like I have to rush and eat everything in one week!
V. Bancroft-Ludwig