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The Future of Food

From £6.25 a meal. Delivered weekly.

Foodhak x Holland & Barrett

The perfect plan just for you

Discover your flavourful meals with the power of medicine following your blood test result or personal health goals, in partnership with Holland & Barrett. Use code HBMA22 for 50% off now.

Enjoy Christmas

Have yourself a tasty little christmas

Christmas Menu

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Curated Meal Plans

Our customers have reported significant improvement in energy and immunity by following our carefully curated meal plans. These are a result of a collaboration between a nutritionist, a food scientist, and a chef.

The Longevity Program

Enhance your lifestyle and commit to a long-term change.

Low Carb Fast Mimicking Plan

We've designed our Fast Mimicking Low Carb Plan to give your body the metabolic and cellular benefits of fasting without sacrificing the nourishing food you love.

Ayurvedic Detox Regime

This simple, rejuvenating Ayurvedic detox regime is just the lifestyle change needed to draw body toxins out, and boost the immune system.

The food was incredible, so authentic, so tasty, so nice to be cooked for. The Rasam was incredible for digestion.
T. Disks
Absolutely loved the 4-day detox plan. I’m down 1.5Kg, feel stronger, and healthier. Love the Brownies esp, probably the world’s cleanest brownies!
S. Rao
I am so grateful to be able to access such wonderful healthy food. Having recently started an Ayurvedic diet I felt restricted and intimidated by the changes necessary but your food has been a God send.
B. Ayling
Thank you for the great delivery I have just received. It all looks amazing and I am loving the long dates so I don't feel like I have to rush and eat everything in one week!
V. Bancroft-Ludwig

Are You Ready for Lasting Impact?

Our customers have reported significant improvement in energy and immunity when they consume our meals for 3-4 days of the week.

Health is wealth, invest in it.

Fresh, ready-to-eat dishes on your doorstep

Our recipes have been carefully developed according to the latest clinical research to maximise every element’s nutritional value. We select only the highest-quality ingredients and source spices and aromatics renowned for their healing properties.

Many of our ingredients are high in alkalinity, have anti-inflammatory properties, and promote healthy levels of biomarkers like cholesterol, blood glucose. Therefore, helping you live in an era of preventative medicine.

Transform Meal Times for You and Your Family

A great diet boosts not only your lifespan, but your health-span. Rich, mouthwatering meals that save you time, enhance your health, and help you feel the best you can be.