Mapo Tofu

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Introducing: our take on a Szechuan classic. We've made our Mapo Tofu with meat-free mince, so it’s perfect for vegetarians to enjoy. Spice-lovers will relish the Sichuan pepper, with its uniquely tingly, mouth-numbing flavour. We've also added Chinese 5 Spices to create an earthy hint of mild spices. All the elements merge together to make the perfect comfort dish.

271 kcal

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Tofu [Water, Soya Beans, Firm Agent: Calcium Sulphate], Water, Onions, Carrots, Celery,  Mushrooms, Leeks,   Vegetarian Soya Mince,  Garlic, Ginger, White Miso Paste [Water, Soybeans, Rice, Salt, Alcohol],  Pomace Olive Oil, Spring Onion, Soy Sauce [Water, Soybeans, Salt, Sugar, Cornstarch] Veetable Stock, Agave Syrup, Sichuan Pepper, Ginseng, Chilli Flakes, Salt, Chinese 5 Spice,

ALLERGY ADVICE: For allergens, see ingredients in Bold

key ingredients
Ginseng: Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, Ginseng has the potential to reduce inflammation, improve brain function and boost the immune system. It has also been shown to help fight fatigue and improve energy levels, helping you to eat healthily and feel good at the same time! Sichuan Pepper: A spice produced from a prickly ash shrub, iron-filled Sichuan Pepper is great for helping enhance your blood flow. It has also been known to enhance the immune system, strengthen bones and help avoid chronic illness. Tofu: Containing several anti-inflammatory, antioxidant phytochemicals, Tofu is a great addition to an anti-inflammatory diet. It also has a well-balanced amino acid profile and is a great source of protein – in addition to fiber, potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese.
nutritional facts
Values are per serving (and per 100g) Calories: 271 kcal (90 kcal); Fat: 14g (4.7g); of which saturates: 2g (0.7g); Carbohydrate: 14g (4.8g); of which sugars: 7.2g (2.4g); Fibre: 6.3g (2.1g); Protein: 19g (6.4g); Salt: 2.2g (0.74g);
health benefits
Our Mapo Tofu is a brilliant source of calcium, which is known to help with blood clotting, promoting an energy-yielding metabolism, good muscle function and helping keep bones and teeth healthy. This main meal is also a delicious way to get your Vitamin A intake, a vital vitamin for maintaining healthy skin, vision, and immune system. You’ll also be able to enjoy an energy-yielding metabolism and healthy bones thanks to the manganese included in the meal. We've also made sure our meal is low in saturated fat and sugar, as well as high in protein, chloride, and a delicious source of fibre.
storage and heating instructions
Our ready-to-eat dishes are best enjoyed warmed up. Heat your meal for five to six minutes on a stove over a medium flame. Serve and enjoy! We recommend using a stove but, if you need to microwave your meal, simply pop the dish in for three minutes in a 1150W microwave. Keep your Foodhak meal refrigerated and, once opened, consume within two days (not that you'll be able to resist our delicious meals for that length of time!)
Combination suggestions
We recommend enjoying this meal with rice, quinoa or all on its own.