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Spotlight On: Turmeric

Spotlight On: Turmeric

This article is part of our Spotlight On series. Each month we shine a light on a powerful and important superfood that we love at Foodhak for its flavour and its impact on your body.


You know turmeric. You probably have a little jar nestled in your spice drawer right now. It’s that bright yellow powder you use by the teaspoon to give your curries (and your wooden spoons) an amber hue. But turmeric is a superfood with restorative powers ready to be unleashed.

Turmeric is the root of a flowering plant in the ginger family. Its active ingredient - curcumin - is antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. So it’s doing a lot more than just dying your food yellow. It’s anti a lot of bad things and so naturally we’re all for it!

Curcumin has been a key part of an Ayurvedic diet for centuries and is integral in traditional medicine. As you can imagine, it’s something that Foodhak loves! We feature turmeric as a key ingredient in some of our signature Asian dishes (you can tell by just looking at them). From curries to bowls of yellow comfort food, you can’t really do Ayurveda without turmeric. But more on our food later.

There has been a significant amount of clinical research done on the many features of turmeric. Its main feature is its anti-inflammatory power. As a result, it’s a favourite of athletes due to it aiding muscle recovery after exercising. Don’t believe us? Try a turmeric shot after your next heavy workout and we’re sure you’ll start feeling the difference! Similarly, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties has been found to improve symptoms for people suffering with arthritis and alleviate pain in the orofacial region. It’s now called a superfood for nothing!

We don’t just add turmeric to our dishes because it’s a superfood, it’s also a super ingredient! Adding as little as half a teaspoon of ground turmeric to any dish gives the appearance a bright shade of yellow, but it also lends a gentle warmth and pleasant bitter taste. Turmeric’s earthy undertones help give depth to any soup, stew or curry and add contrast heightening the flavour of other spices too. For an even more vibrant taste, try fresh turmeric for a far more pronounced and distinct note.

And if you’re after a turmeric kick, opt for a daily turmeric shot or turmeric tea for a quick to drink, easy to consume, pure boost. It’s the best way to take advantage of all the superfood super powers that turmeric has to offer.

You’re probably feeling pretty inspired by the magical glow of turmeric by now. Lucky for you, we have four turmeric-heavy, signature Foodhak dishes ready to be added to your next order. Make Indian night powerful with our Keralan and Punjabi curries - two dishes loaded with a variety of vegetables underlined by an earthy turmeric flavour. Or lean into comfort food served up in a bowl with our Kitchari or Rasam. Both dishes are designed for a body cleanse with an array of spices to make their flavour profiles pop. 

And you know the best part? You can enjoy all the benefits of turmeric without staining your pots, pan, spoons and hands with a yellow tinge. Just warm, golden goodness.