The Super Soup Reset

Say goodbye to sad, dissatisfying crash diet crazes for the new year. Instead, form healthy, sustainable habits and supercharge your 2023 with our soup plan for a full January reset.

About the plan

We’re a team of hardcore foodies who love what we do, and we believe food should be flavourful and filling, so you won’t ever find a juice cleanse or detox on our menu. However, if you are looking for an effective way to lose a few pounds during the new year, we’ve cooked up the safest, most satisfying way to do so – our Super Soup Reset. 

This is a 3-day plan, and for best results, we recommend making this a weekly ritual.

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Details of the plan

day 1
Meal Dish Description
Breakfast Miso Broth We’ve used miso to create an earthy, nutty taste; leeks for an onion-like flavour and carrots, mushrooms and crunchy pak choi to evoke the flavours of a stir-fried vegetable dish.
Lunch Courgette, Lemon & Mint Soup Each flavour is perfectly balanced and results in a soup that feels healthy and tastes delicious. Sit back and enjoy the minty flavours, tangy lemon zest, and mild notes of garlic, fennel thyme and parsley.
Dinner Mushroom Leek & Rosemary Soup Brown mushrooms lend their distinctive creamy, nutty taste to the soup, complemented by the lemon and pine tang from the rosemary and the onion-like flavour from the leeks.
day 2
Meal Dish Description
Your own choice of healthy, delicious dishes.
day 3
Meal Dish Description
Breakfast Ayurvedic Punjabi Curry The Punjabi curry is part of the rich,flavourful sub-culture of Indian cuisine. Our version combines a delicious combination of healthy vegetables, such as turnips, carrots and parsnips, with warming flavours such as Kashmiri chilli powder, crushed garlic and ginger, with a hint of cumin seeds - making this curry perfect comfort food.
Lunch Healing Cantonese Congee Mild, delicious and soothing - Our Healing Cantonese-inspired Congee is made with long-grain basmati rice. We’ve used mixed vegetables, carrots, celery, mushrooms and leeks to form the dish’s healthy base.
Dinner Ayurvedic Rasam Curry leaves and fenugreek leaves add their savoury taste to the soup, and tamarind adds a flavoursome tang. Although we’ve used toor dal, black pepper, coriander, cumin and red chillies for extra flavour, the soup isn’t spicy.
day 4
Meal Dish Description
Your own choice of healthy, delicious dishes.
day 5
Meal Dish Description
Breakfast Tom Yum Soup This light version of a classic Thai dish is made using tofu, mushrooms, carrots and cherry tomatoes. The soup’s distinct colour comes from the Kashmiri chilli powder.
Lunch Italian Vegetable Pomodoro Our Italian Vegetable Pomodoro is a calming dish, perfect for soothing the soul. We've used the freshest of ingredients, including celeriac, cherry tomatoes, and carrots. It can't be Italian without thyme and dried oregano, so we've added that just a dash! To conjure up the briny taste of the sea, we've sprinkled salty capers into our mixed vegetable sauce.
Dinner Korean Bulgogi Stew Sweetly spiced Korean comfort food packed with seasonal veggies.

How it works

Our soups are a great way to replenish your digestion after overindulging. It is about nourishing the body with the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. Our plan is based on resetting our body and gut health, which in turn stabilises our blood sugars after all those mince pies! Though don’t worry if you’re a fan of snacking; we’ve included a few reset-approved treats, too.

It’s a 3-day plan, and for optimum results, we recommend making it a weekly ritual, and eating healthily during the days in between the soup reset days.

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