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Weight Loss Plan

Ayurvedic Kitchari

Comforting, mild, soothing

Powered by Turmeric


Tom Yum Soup

Unique, sweet, warming


Seeded Omega and Millet Crackers

Crunchy, earthy, textured


4-Day Weight-Loss Plan

Weight-loss made easy by gut-satisfying low-calorie meals, that everyone can enjoy and keep up with.

£80.00 £100.00

Vegan Miso Broth

Earthy, saucy, rich

Powered by Ginseng


Ashwagandha and Cocoa Granola

Crunchy, sweet, moreish

Powered by Ashwagandha


Wild Mushroom Risotto

Creamy, earthy, rich


Farmers Market Soup

Colourful, creamy, cosy