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The Longevity Program

Enhance your lifestyle and commit to a long-term change.

About the plan

Improving your life and increasing your lifespan isn't about a secret ingredient, spice or superfood that can make magic changes. Instead, it's a commitment. A commitment to changing your habits, being mindful about your diet and enhancing your life.

And we've made commitment easy. Make a change today with a 4 week plan designed to give you a nutrient boost with plant-based, low GI and gluten-free dishes.

With different focuses across the plan including Kitchari cleanses, a gut reset, Ayurvedic detox and more, it's time to give your body what it deserves.

This is a weekly plan. Three meals a day, five days a week, plus snacks.

To find out more, click here.

How it works

This plan has been designed as a long-term commitment to changing your life. Once you subscribe, every week you will receive five days of food for four weeks. Your subscription will renew however you can pause of cancel your subscription after it has ended.

This plan has been created keeping a singular person in mind, but it is always better to commit to a lifestyle change with a friend or two. Why not refer a friend and get them involved too?

Please note that pouches of granola snacks and soup are to be split between each day.

Please note, all dishes included in our meal plans are subject to change at any time.

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How it works
Our Longevity Plan is a five day plan lasting four weeks. A new menu is set for you every week so you are unable to make any amendments to the dishes which you receive. If there are certain ingredients that you cannot have or are intolerant to, it is best to create your own plan.
How the payment works
The payment is paid upfront. You can pay one time for a four week plan.
What do you mean by longevity?
Longevity isn’t a single ingredient or a powerful superfood - it’s a commitment to enriching your lifestyle with a healthy, nourishing diet designed to give your body what it deserves. Doing so, you can support your immune system, prevent illness and live a happier life.
How often is the delivery?
Each week you will receive one box containing all meals and snacks for that week.
When will it be delivered?
Our 3rd party courier service, DPD, delivers between Tuesday - Friday each week. You are able to pick which date works best for you to have the delivery. The time slot is usually between 10am - 6pm.
What should I do for the other two days of the week?
For the other two days you can eat your own foods as long as they follow the same principles as the dishes in the plan. Alternatively you can have another preset plan alongside your longevity program. 
Do I have to get the plan every week?
The payment is paid upfront. So you are unable to skip or pause a week. If you would like to pay in separate instalments, we recommend you start a personalised plan.
Can I change the dishes in the box each week?
No, the meals are set each week so you are unable to change which dishes you receive.