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Soups for Weight loss

Is Soup Good for Weight Loss ?

No matter what your current mood or state of health is, one type of food can always hit the spot. Whether in stress or in need of a healthy reset, a well-cooked soup will never disappoint you because it makes you feel good inside. It can be enjoyed year-round, as it is both satisfying and nutritious. This food is incredibly versatile and can be prepared in various ways to suit your taste buds without much effort. It's like having an entire range of flavours in a single dish, making it a true delight to savour. The bigger question here is: Is soup good for weight loss?  

Depending upon your needs, your soup can fill in. If you want weight loss, this one must be on your list. We at Foodhak are here to help you decide based on what science says about it. 

Does soup help you lose weight? 

We all know that weight loss can be made easy by gut-satisfying, low-calorie meals everyone can enjoy and keep up with. Right. It's all about calorie deficit but nutritious at the same time to maintain that consistency. So, logically speaking, if you have a soup that is low in calories, it should fall on that list of your meal plan for weight loss. But let's back our facts with scientific evidence to support how eating soup for weight loss is a good plan.

Research conducted on soup consumption has provided evidence that suggests a correlation between soup consumption and a reduced risk of obesity, as indicated by various epidemiological studies. Additionally, intervention studies have shown that including soup in one's diet can aid in managing body weight. We have great platforms like PubMed that help bring up these research works to us.

How do soups help you lose weight? 

Understanding how certain foods affect our appetite and energy intake is crucial for developing effective weight management strategies. The form in which we consume our food, whether solid or liquid, has been suggested to play a role in regulating our food intake. But it is important to differentiate soups that help you lose weight from those which don't.

Some studies have shown that consuming soup before a meal can decrease hunger, increase feelings of fullness, and ultimately reduce the amount consumed during the subsequent meal. Soups offer several great advantages. They primarily consist of fluids, so they can effectively fill your stomach without providing too many calories. This is a major advantage for weight loss, as it allows you to feel full on fewer calories. 

It's worth noting that a significant portion of hunger pangs can be caused by dehydration, so consuming a hearty bowl of vegetable soup at the start of your meal can help reduce feelings of hunger. This can also help prevent overeating during the remainder of your meal, a common cause of unwanted weight gain.

Eating soup for weight loss can be a great beginning to your meal. But there is one more thing to be taken into consideration. Not all soups are the same. You know what I am talking about. With that cream and a few high-calorie chips added, it can easily turn from a weight-loss meal to a weight-gaining meal. With this, we come to the second part of the story of soups. We need to know what soups will help you with weight loss.

So, what soups are good for weight loss?

At, we get clear guidelines regarding how to consume healthy soups and how consuming creamy soups can be a bad choice. Here are a few soups that can be great options for weight loss. 

  • Broth-based soup
  • Vegetable-based soups
  • Soups with lean protein

At Foodhak, you have a lot of soups to choose from that are nutritious and healthy, and keeping that calorie count less than worries you every time you feel like eating something. So let us have soups that help you lose weight and make this journey enjoyable.

Soups that help you lose weight

Vegetable soup is the best one you can look for. Courgette Lemon & Mint Soup, vibrant, zesty Courgette, Lemon, and Mint Soup take its green colour from the courgettes and fresh mint. Each flavour is perfectly balanced, resulting in a healthy soup that tastes delicious. Sit back and enjoy the minty flavours, tangy lemon zest, and mild notes of garlic, fennel thyme, and parsley. And that's just the beginning; you have various choices. 

From Vegan Miso Broth to Mushroom, Leek, and Rosemary Soup which are low in calories and do not contain any saturated fat, made high in fibre. These are great protein sources, helping you grow and maintain your muscle mass and keep your bones healthy. The probiotics from the miso are also beneficial for gut health and the immune system. These are some of the great soups that help you lose weight. Foodhak brings these great soup recipes to help you lose weight with flavours and delight. You can find the top soup recipes to help you lose weight here.

To create a satisfying and low-calorie soup for weight loss, there are a few important things to consider:

  • Incorporate a variety of vegetables and focus on high-fibre ingredients. 
  • Including lean protein will also help keep you full and satisfied for longer periods. 
  • Adding heartier options like stews and chilli can also benefit weight loss efforts.

Remember, a balanced and nutritious soup can be a helpful tool in achieving your weight loss goals.


Soups are popular in various world cuisines due to their comforting taste and numerous health benefits. So, does soup help you lose weight? If you're looking to shed some weight, incorporating certain foods into your diet can be helpful, and one such food that happens to be delicious and easy to prepare is soup.

While plenty of canned soup options are available for weight loss, preparing healthy soups allows you to control the ingredients, ensuring you get all the nutrients from vegetables and grains without the added sodium and harmful chemicals. Moreover, making soup at home is a breeze – just blend, heat, and enjoy. And what better can be than Foodhak, which offers you all these amazing soups? So, get ready for this delicious journey.

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