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Ayurvedic Keralan Curry

1 x Serving - A light and creamy Indian curry inspired by flavours of the Malabar Coast. This Ayurvedic dish is made with kale, butternut squash, green beans, and warming aromatics.

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318 kcal

£0.00 £6.25

Ayurvedic Kitchari

1 x Serving - Our Ayurvedic Kitchari is made using a traditional Indian recipe. Our version is made using mild spices, long-grain basmati rice, and mixed vegetables. This soothing dish helps detox and cleanse your body.

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434 kcal

£0.00 £6.25

Ayurvedic Rasam

2 x Serving - Ayurvedic lentil soup with mild spices, aids in digestion

189 kcal

£0.00 £6.25

Ayurvedic Punjabi Curry

1 x 300g Serving - A mild and fragrant curry from the region of Punjab. Our version is made with a moreish combination of swedes, parsnips, spinach, and carrots.

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135 kcal

£0.00 £6.25

Ayurvedic Detox Regime

This simple, rejuvenating Ayurvedic detox regime is just the lifestyle change needed to draw body toxins out, and boost the immune system.

£60.00 £73.00