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Curated Meal Plans - £10 OFF!

The Longevity Program

Enhance your lifestyle and commit to a long-term change with four weeks of meals.

Low Carb Fast Mimicking Plan

We've designed a plan that gives your body the benefits of fasting without sacrificing nourishing food.

Ayurvedic Detox Regime

This rejuvenating regime is perfect for drawing body toxins out and boosting the immune system.

What is Foodhak?
Foodhak was founded on the idea that food could be deeply nourishing, healing and restorative whilst tasting incredible. Our combination of world-class gourmet chefs, ancient Ayurvedic health principles and the latest scientific research results in a wealth of nutritious, delicious meals, all ready to pour, heat and eat.
How does it work?
Our subscription service allows you to select the dishes you want in as many or as few portions as you like. You can choose which day you want your Foodhak meals delivered, and edit your delivery date at any time. To edit your order or order date, simply go to 'my account' and select ‘subscriptions’.
What do you mean by ‘food as medicine’?
Our approach is rooted in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicinal system, developed over more than 2000 years and practised by over 80% of the Indian subcontinent. This is combined with the most up-to-date clinical research and data to understand what food is best for our bodies, incorporating cutting edge learnings in our recipes.
When will it be delivered?
You can select a date for delivery when you checkout. It will take at least three days for your order to arrive - one day to prepare the food, and two days for delivery. We partner with DPD for home delivery. If you’re not going to be home, let the carrier know where to leave the box for you using the unique tracking number sent to you after order confirmation. All of our boxes are delivered in a wool-insulated pouch with ice packs to ensure your food is delivered cool.
Where do you deliver to?
We currently deliver across the almost entirety of the UK. The only exceptions are Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands and Islands.
How do I apply ‘Black Friday Deal’ discount to my order?
If you’re a new customer, simply proceed to checkout and enter the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY10’ to receive £10 off all orders over £20. If you’re an existing customer and wish to apply your discount to an existing order, edit your active subscription and choose the option ‘apply discount’. Enter the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY10’ to receive £10 of all orders over £20.