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Health benefits

Chillimon Ginseng Pophaks

Spicy, crispy, warm

Powered by Ginseng

98 kcal


Minty Moringa Pophaks

Minty, crunchy, bright

Powered by Moringa

98 kcal


Salted Ashwagandha Pophaks

Light, salty, crispy

Powered by Ashwagandha

98 kcal


Ashwagandha and Cocoa Granola

Crunchy, sweet, moreish

Powered by Ashwagandha

282 kcal


Seeded Omega and Millet Crackers

Crunchy, earthy, textured



Ashwagandha Millet Brownie

Decadent, gooey, rich

Powered by Ashwagandha

348 kcal


Ashwagandha Choc Chip Cookies

Sweet, crumbly, indulgent

Powered by Ashwagandha

511 kcal


Kale and Spirulina Bhaji

Chewy, fresh, aromatic

Powered by Spirulina

336 kcal


Homemade Granola

Sweet, crunchy, fruity

352 kcal