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The Snack Bundle

The Snack Bundle

Stock up your cupboards with the ultimate snack bundle taking the superfoods and delicious flavours you love from Foodhak and putting them all in one convenient place. Will you reach for the cookies or crackers first?

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Seeded Omega and Millet Crackers

Seeded Omega and Millet Crackers

Crisp savoury crackers made from chia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with oregano. With Pumpkin Seeds.

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Ashwagandha Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ashwagandha Chocolate Chip Cookies

Packed with benefits for the body and brain, this classic chocolate chip cookie gets a healthy twist thanks to ashwagandha. These soft, sweet cookies are made with dark chocolate chips, millet flour and are free from refined sugar. And the addition of chia seeds makes it high in fibre.

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Ashwagandha and Cocoa Granola

Ashwagandha and Cocoa Granola

Start your day on a high with our signature granola! Packed with nutritious coconut chips, a variety of seeds and powered by ashwagandha, this breakfast will keep you going all day.

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Turmeric Latte Blend

Turmeric Latte Blend

Sweet and silky, our Turmeric Latte Blend isn't just the perfect cosy drink, it's also the ultimate hormone balancer due to an array of active superfoods including turmeric, ashwagandha, ginger and jaggery.

Simply add 1 teaspoon to warm plant-based milk, stir and unwind.

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Chillimon Ginseng Pophaks

Chillimon Ginseng Pophaks

Spicy and warm, our Chillimon Ginseng Pophaks add some heat to your snack roster with light bites with a hint of paprika and chilli. The perfect healthy alternative to crisps or popcorn but far healthier with added superfoods too.

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Salted Ashwagandha Pophaks

Salted Ashwagandha Pophaks

The perfect alternative to your favourite crisps, our Salted Ashwagandha Pophaks taste like salt and vinegar but are healthy, light and loaded with superfoods. That's some pretty smart snacking.

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Minty Moringa Pophaks

Minty Moringa Pophaks

Light and fresh, our Minty Moringa Pophaks are the perfect snack for anyone who likes anything a bit different. It's a quick bite on the go; it's something to munch on whilst relaxing on the sofa; it;'s your new favourite snack.

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Homemade Granola

Homemade Granola

Sweet, crunchy and healthy - our delicious Homemade Granola is packed with fibre and sweetened with maple syrup. We’ve used gluten-free oats, delicious dried apricots and chia seeds to make sure this breakfast meal gets your day off to the best start.

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Pumpkin Spice Granola

Pumpkin Spice Granola

We've taken the signature autumn drink but made it healthy! No unnecessary sugar, just big flavour that'll have you thinking about crunchy falling leaves and long cosy nights.

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The Breakfast Bundle

The Breakfast Bundle

Start your day on a high with not one, not two but THREE granolas! Why choose between something spicy, chocolatey or fruity when you can enjoy all three instead? Featuring the whole granola family, all free from preservatives, wheat free and sources of fibre! 

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Overcome fatigue with awesome dishes

Fatigue: 6 Signs That You Might Be Experiencing Fatigue

Extreme fatigue is more than just feeling tired or sleepy. It's a condition where you feel physically and mentally exhausted, even after getting enough sleep and rest. It can affect your ability to perform daily tasks, like getting out of bed, cooking, or working. 

Chronic fatigue is when this extreme fatigue lasts for several months, and it can be challenging to diagnose because its symptoms are not clear. Knowing the difference between the two is important. And if you are experiencing it for quite some time, it's better to consult an expert. 

In this article, we would learn more about chronic fatigue syndrome. Also, let us understand the common causes and warning signs. 

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a complex illness. The exhaustion typically lasts for a minimum of six months. Physical or mental exertion aggravates symptoms, while rest does not completely alleviate them.

There are a number of hypotheses about what causes chronic fatigue syndrome. Many variables may have contributed to it, according to experts.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) cannot be definitively diagnosed with a single medical exam. The Chronic fatigue symptoms could be caused by a number of different conditions, so you may need to undergo a battery of tests to rule them out. Symptom relief is the primary goal of treatment.

Why does one suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome?

CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) has a mysterious origin that has yet to be determined. There could be more than one cause, such as:

  • Genetic inheritance: Some families seem to have a higher incidence of chronic fatigue syndrome, suggesting that some people may be born with a predisposition to the condition.

  • Infections, Illness, or Pathogens: After recovering from a viral or bacterial infection, some patients go on to develop symptoms of CFS.

  • The trauma of any kind, be it physical or mental: Injuries, surgeries, or intense mental stress are sometimes cited as causes for the onset of symptoms.

  • Issues with how energy is used: Some individuals with CFS have trouble transforming the food their bodies take in as fuel, mostly fats and carbohydrates, into usable energy.

6 Most common warning signs of fatigue or tiredness

1. You feel parched.

You may be dehydrated with dry lips, flaky skin, and persistent headaches. This is a prevalent problem in chilly regions. However, if you're constantly exhausted, you should know this is a normal part of the process. If you're feeling tired, you're probably dehydrated. Constant thirst, dry skin, and lips are symptoms of dehydration, which can cause excessive fatigue.

2. Your thoughts are all jumbled up.

Sleep is to the brain as gasoline is to a car. During sleep, your brain's mood and behaviour-regulating regions are rejuvenated, and your stored memories and newly acquired information are processed.

This is of utmost significance during the 90 minutes of sleep characterised by rapid eye movement. If you have a major meeting at work the next day after a bad night's sleep, you may find that you don't remember much of what was said.

3. The quality of your workouts has been terrible.

How come you aren't destroying it in the weight room like you usually do? Lack of sleep negatively affects every part of your life, including your ability to work out. Keeping up with an exercise routine involves more than just moving your body. Your capacity to push your body to its limits will be diminished if your mind is lagging behind due to a lack of sleep.

4. You are extremely stressed but attempting to ignore it.

It's not a big secret that stress can make it hard to fall asleep, but how you choose to handle it can make the difference between a restful night's sleep and one that leaves you wiped out the next day. The National Library of Medicine reports that there is a large body of research on the topic of stress and sleep and that this area warrants its own evaluation due to the depth and breadth of the available material. Exposure to stressful events, such as major life changes and daily problems, decreases normal sleep function, as presented in the research. For a month or longer, if you don't get at least three full nights of sleep every week, you may find yourself in a cycle of mounting tension and tiredness.

5. You've upped your junk food intake recently.

Do you frequently use the vending machine at work? As fatigue increases, so does the desire for high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods. The stress hormone cortisol tends to rise in tandem with fatigue. An increase in the soothing neurotransmitter serotonin is typically sought out by the brain in an effort to lower cortisol levels. Eating carb- and fat-laden comfort foods is a quick way to get it. What's worse is that eating so much junk food may actually increase your level of fatigue.

6. You have a bad night's sleep at least once a week.

You undoubtedly already know that insomnia can make you feel tired. But you should realise that even one night of broken sleep can ruin your day. Studies have shown that people's emotions and attention spans suffer following a night of fragmented sleep, suggesting that fragmented sleep may be just as deleterious as the weariness that comes with total sleep restriction.

Or maybe you just go to bed way too late every night rather than cope with the disruptions to your sleep. The field of sleep medicine has coined the phrase "bedtime procrastination" to describe this common problem. A study published in Frontiers in Medicine found that when 177 participants delayed going to sleep, they ended up sleeping less and less well. They were even more exhausted the following day.

When should you seek immediate medical attention for your fatigue?

You should visit the emergency room if you experience any of the following, with or without fatigue:

  • Fainting

  • Shortness of breath

  • Experiencing discomfort in the chest

  • Stiff neck

  • Rectal Bleeding or Bleeding when vomiting. 

  • Excruciating discomfort in the abdomen, pelvis, or back

  • Terrible continuous headache

  • Rapid or irregular pulse

  • Yellow eyes

  • Similar signs are observed in other family members or pets living in the same environment. This happens due to possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Home remedies to overcome fatigue

A regular sleep pattern, a balanced diet, and daily exercise can all assist with weariness. Foodhak, a game-changing startup, is driving the food revolution by integrating scientific research, cutting-edge technology, and ancient Ayurvedic concepts to create anti-inflammatory meals that will help you overcome fatigue and stay healthy.

With all the satisfaction of tradition combined with all the goodness of healthy vitamins and minerals, Foodhak delivers an ultimate solution to your doorstep in the form of freshly cooked meals.

Some of their must-try dishes that can help you overcome fatigue are as follows,

  • Ayurvedic Keralan Curry: A flavourful South Indian curry made with aromatic spices and herbs, known for its Ayurvedic healing properties.

  • Ayurvedic Kitchari: A traditional Ayurvedic dish made with rice, lentils, and spices, often used as a cleansing and healing meal.

  • Spirulina Thai Green Curry: A nutritious twist on the classic Thai green curry, featuring the superfood spirulina for added health benefits.

  • Mince with Thai Basil Sauce: A flavourful Thai dish made with minced meat and fragrant basil leaves served with a savory sauce.

  • Seeded Omega and Millet Crackers: A wholesome and crunchy snack made with omega-rich seeds and gluten-free millet flour.

Often physical or emotional stress will bring on a flare-up of chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. Because of this, people may find it challenging to take care of themselves at home or keep to a regular work routine.

Illness can sap a person's strength in many ways, and there may be times when they simply can't muster the energy to leave the bed. Eventually, some people will need the assistance of a wheelchair. If you have tried making adjustments to your lifestyle, including implementing healthier sleep habits, and they have not been successful, it may be time to switch to an anti-inflammatory diet. One of the easiest ways to include anti-inflammatory meals into your diet is by subscribing to Foodhak.

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